Panel de pared Luna
para pavimentode revestimientode acero

panel de pared
panel de pared
panel de pared
panel de pared
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de pared, para pavimento
de revestimiento
de acero


We have been inspired by the Moon! Her undisputed charm, her reflected light, her surface ... We have therefore decided to transpose a texture onto steel that would remember her, that would represent her essence that could cover the surfaces on this Earth of ours, making us feel new emotions. Let us observe together the range of gray, brown, luminous silvery and dark anthracite tones - through the oxidation of the steel - that make us land on the lunar soil among its glows and its shadows. In fact, from steel it is possible to obtain colors and tones ranging from neutral Dust Gray, Dove Gray, Anthracite, to vibrant Silver to the more decisive and warm Burnt Sienna and Van Dyck Brown, with subtle and sparkling traces of Gold.


Design Week 2022
Design Week 2022
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