Quiénes somos

Experimental creations, technological lightness, versatility, and the desire to be different: since 1979, these have been the overriding values of Alias, one of the most consolidated names of Italian design. The same values have guided the firm’s close association with some of the most pivotal signatures in the design universe: Atelier Oï, Giandomenico Belotti, Riccardo Blumer, Dante Bonuccelli, Mario Botta, Gabriele e Oscar Buratti, Michele De Lucchi, Sou Fujimoto, Alfredo Häberli, James Irvine, Pio Manzù, Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda, Jasper Morrison, Nendo, Patrick Norguet, Ludovica e Roberto Palomba, Pearson Lloyd, Simon Pengelly, Eugeni Quitllet, Paolo Rizzatto and Philippe Starck. These visionary collaborations have grown and evolved throughout the years. Today they are all part of Alias’ multi-faceted DNA. A single spirit composed of many hands, visions, formations and stories, catalyst of a never-ending exchange of ideas, home to an open-minded approach to formal and technological experimentation, expression of cultural transition. A pioneering essence guided by the solid industrial structure of a firm that controls each phase of the process, from design, to production and distribution. Located in Grumello del Monte, near Bergamo, Alias counts on a distribution network of several stores around the world. Alias products’ highly expressive style offers numerous solutions to residential, contract and outdoor applications. A portfolio in constant evolution to reflect the needs of the present while stressing the attention on the intellectual value of design. Today, Alias remains bold and continues to believe, and prove, that there can be synergy between the creative and operational aspects, guiding its vision in between functionality and artistry, in the quest for Something Else.

Nuestros valores