LED RGBpara espacio públicode cambia colores

proyector IP67
proyector IP67
proyector IP67
proyector IP67
proyector IP67
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para espacio público
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de cambia colores


Extremely compact colour changing IP67 fixture. Direct DMX, DMX processing and power supply fully integrated in the fixture. Easy to wire and install, no external drivers required. RGB + White version, for the creation of numerous colour shades with the possibility of pastel shades. RGB + Amber version, for the display of deep saturated colours. Amber + White + Blue version, for the display of numerous white tones and typical architecture colours. DPC = Dynamic Power Control. Advanced processing witch results in a light output that is normally only seen at much larger fixtures. DTC = Dynamic Temperature Control. For optimal protection of the fixture in case of extreme hot weather conditions. Up to 50.000 hours of lifetime, due to the patented cooling system and the use of the latest generation of Cree/Luxeon LEDs. Future proof! As optics, LEDs and internal power supply can easily be replaced, the REVO will never be outdated by future developments. Quality design housing in massive CNC cut anodised aluminium for maximum protection against all weather conditions. Easy interchangeable optical lens system with beam angles from 8° to 61° & 12x 46°. Ventilation Gland with Gore-Tex membrane, which minimizes the risk of condensation within the fixture.



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