Baldosa de exterior / de pared / de suelo / de gres porcelánico
GEO : GRIS Novoceram sas


  • Zona de uso:

    de exterior

  • Instalación:

    de pared, de suelo

  • Material:

    de gres porcelánico

  • Motivos:

    de color liso

  • Acabado:

    mate, estructura

  • Aspecto:

    aspecto piedra, aspecto mosaico

  • Colores:


  • Otras características:


  • Dimensiones:

    30x60 cm, 45x90 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x30 cm, 45x45 cm

  • Longitud:

    10 cm (3.94 in), 30 cm (11.81 in), 45 cm (17.72 in), 60 cm (23.62 in), 90 cm (35.43 in)

  • Anchura:

    10 cm (3.94 in), 45 cm (17.72 in), 60 cm (23.62 in), 90 cm (35.43 in), 30 cm (11.81 in)

  • Grosor:

    20 mm, 9.5 mm, 7.6 mm


Geo series is a range of coloured porcelain stoneware designed for external paving projects. Geo is the reproduction in the smallest details of a paving stone found in the entrance of a northern Italy old church. Over the centuries, the surface of the stone has been marked by weather, mosses and lichens, in a way that its original look has almost been removed, with the creation of a new material, a manufacture marked by time. Every detail is faithfully reproduced by the outdoor through-colour porcelain stoneware tile Geo : chromatic nuances, metal reflections and a three-dimensional surface carved by time.


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