Baldosa de interior / de pared / de suelo / de gres porcelánico
INDIGO : UNI Novoceram sas


  • Zona de uso:

    de interior

  • Instalación:

    de pared, de suelo

  • Material:

    de gres porcelánico

  • Motivos:

    de color liso

  • Acabado:


  • Aspecto:

    aspecto piedra

  • Colores:

    beis, arena

  • Dimensiones:

    20x60 cm, 20x20 cm

  • Longitud:

    20 cm (7.87 in), 60 cm (23.62 in)

  • Anchura:

    20 cm (7.87 in), 60 cm (23.62 in)

  • Grosor:

    9.5 mm


Ironic, irreverent, provocative: Indigo reproduces the colors and the matericity of traditional Azulejo tiles, completely altering their iconography, to propose a mix of 63 subjects, each and every single one seemingly inspired by a world with no apparent connection to another in terms of style, and spanning a total of ten centuries of our history. Made in glazed porcelain stoneware, Indigo can also be used as a floor tile. As well as the decorated tiles, Indigo is also proposed as a base tile, with a plain backdrop and without décor, in the 20x20 Ret and 20x60 Ret sizes.


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